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Corporate Gifts

"V" Generous

V Chocolates Premium Packaging

V Chocolates makes the perfect corporate gift. Your organization's good taste and sincere appreciation will be obvious with the beautiful presentation and unbelievable goodness and flavor of V. And we won't mind if you order a couple of extra boxes for yourself.

If you want to give V to your employees, vendors or customers, we will make it easy. Give us a call and we'll handle your volume order personally. We can take your mailing list, include a note supplied by you, or jump through your organization's hoops to make your corporate gifting life easier.

We offer generous volume discounts and extraordinary service to go with our out-of-this-world chocolate. Contact us at 1-866-330-8444 and get giving already.  You can also Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF of our Volume Discount price schedule. Volume discounts can't be applied on web orders, so call 1-866-330-8444 and we'll handle your volume order personally.  Small orders are most easily handled on the website, but a phone call or fax works for them, as well. We’ll even take your mailing list via e-mail in a spreadsheet. So get giving, already.

Want to hear what some of your friends think about all this? Click over to our Customer Quotes page to see what some other Super Givers have to say.


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